Welcome to the official website for the bands of Springtown ISD                                

Sound of Springtown Band Backers

Your 2017-2018 Band Backer Board Members:

Kim Brokenshire, President

Jessica Steadman, Vice President

Susan Grippin, Secretary

Jennifer Merry, Treasurer

Amanda Bailey, Fundraisers

Vicky Trichel, Concessions

Laura Stephens, Membership

Lori Starkey, Band Moms

John Little, Band Dads

Carmen Northrup & Kim Webster, SMS Representatives

TBD - SIS Representative

Next Meeting - Monday, September 25

We will have a Band Backer General Meeting Monday, September 25th in the SHS cafeteria at 6:30 pm to discuss plans for the SOS Marching Showcase October 7th.  We will host 20 bands and will have thousands of kids and parents to coordinate and serve. Your help will be much needed and appreciated! Please come and help us make this the best showcase in North Texas!